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Webinar: The Roadmap for SMEs to Partner With N.A.T.O. on Innovation!!!

How Can Startups Engage with N.A.T.O. on Innovation

Did you know that N.A.T.O. (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is looking to partner with startups and scaleups based in Canada to develop innovative technology? Have you ever thought about how your company can engage with N.A.T.O. in order to find new markets for your products or services?

This webinar will provide attendees with a roadmap to increase your customer base as well as revenue generating opportunities.

Hear from these fellow tech entrepreneurs and learn what they did in order to partner with N.A.T.O.

Mr. Ramee Mossa (Tristar Multicopters: focused on drone technology) Montreal, Quebec

Ms. Melissa Clark (IMRSV Data Labs: focused on AI Solutions) Ottawa, Ontario

Mr. Henry Leung (Complex System Inc.: focused on Software Development) Calgary, Alberta

As part of this webinar, we will also have members from N.A.T.O.’s innovation team who will explain how you as entrepreneurs can easily partner with their organization.

We want to thank our hosts for making this event happen:

The NATO Association of Canada

North of

Defence and Security Labs (Canada’s only Security Focused Accelerator)

We look forward to having you join us on September 23rd for this informative discussion
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