We provide the men and women of Canada’s military with the necessary skill set required to excel in the Innovation Economy.

Coding for Veterans

Why veterans become an IT professional?

North of 41 together with industry partners have established a program to teach computer programming skills along with advanced course work in the areas of cyber security, data analytics to men and women from Canada’s armed forces. Coding for Veterans is an intensive program designed to equip veterans from the Canadian military with the skills required to enter and succeed in Canada’s technology-based workforce.

Our mission: is to provide the men and women of Canada’s military with the necessary skill set required to excel in the Innovation Economy.


The Format:  Classes will be taught both in person and online.  Whether you are a person with minimal coding skills or an advanced IT specialist, we have a program to fit your needs.  This program is an industry led initiative whose sole mission is to help those in Canada’s military transition into good paying, high quality jobs in Canada’s tech sector.

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What We Do

Coding for Veterans believes in our clients’ potential. If there is a “secret sauce,” it’s our personal approach. Whether at our signature coding workshops or our advanced level IT courses, there really isn’t any mystery to what we do – it just takes a lot of hard work.  Our courses can be completed both in-person and on-line. We will help you develop marketable skills and then assist with your transition to civilian employment:


  • Help you become a professional computer programmer and IT professional
  • Create a tailored civilian resume that effectively highlights skills and achievements
  • Learn effective job search, networking and interviewing techniques
  • Get connected with companies who want to hire veterans and military spouses


Does it sound like our program is right for you? Our services are available to all transitioning Canadian military members and honorably-discharged Canadian veterans, regardless of separation date and term of service. We work with military spouses, too. Whether you are looking for full-time or part-time work, internships, or training opportunities, Coding for Veterans will help you meet or exceed those goals.

The Program



Over the last 15 years, more than 140,000 personnel have been discharged from the Canadian Armed Forces.

Veterans Affairs Transition

Once they leave the military, veterans turn to programs as part of the Veterans Affairs Transition service. This is where some individuals will choose a career path in the technology sector.

Technical Assessment

Among veterans, those who choose to embark on a career in the technology sector will be given a series of tests. The purpose is to determine if an individual has the necessary attributes to be successful in the technology sector.

Course Work

You will select the area in which you want to learn about IT.   Introductory courses will give individuals the necessary tools in which to become programmers.  The advanced courses will give the graduates skills in the areas of cyber security, data analytics and other related IT fields.

Employment in the IT Sector

Once you have successfully completed the necessary course work, you will then be assisted in finding jobs in the Canadian IT sector.  Employment in this sector provide for good paying, high quality jobs which allows for a successful transition into civilian life.

Helping Our Heroes


Your IT Mentor

We act as extension of your team and go way beyond a normal vendor client relationship.

Fast Response

In today’s digital business environment you can’t afford to not have skills that translate into good jobs.

Free Consultation

It’s a no brainer, Coding for Veterans gets you in step with today’s employment landscape.

Honesty & Integrity

We are experts at helping miltary personal transition into the computer programming and network engineering profession. Coding for Veterans is built on honesty/integrity and we promise you an excellent experience.


Coding for Veterans wants to help you be satisfied with your civilian life and that starts with the ability to get a good job. Let’s get coding:) 

Why Work With Us

Coding for Veterans is committed to helping veterans transition into civilian life with the skills to be successful in the new digital world. We have the knowledge and experience to help you become a professional in Canada’s Innovation economy. It is our goal to help individuals grow, learn and stay connected with new, cutting-edge computer technology. We take pride in exceeding your expectations.

We Are Your Career Solution for Transitioning into the Innovation Economy


21st century businesses of all types rely heavily on technology. There are limitless job opportunities for high skilled computer programmers and other related IT occupations.

Are you ready to learn how Coding for Veterans can help your career?

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