Coding for Veterans

Coding for Veterans Tech Industry & Jobs Outlook 2021- Webinar

Coding for Veterans: 2021 Tech Industry & Jobs Outlook

About this Event

This webinar will focus on the Tech Jobs outlook for 2021 in Canada and provide an update on the Coding for Veterans program. We will discuss general insights we have learned from the veterans currently applying to our program, which can help smooth the transition from CAF to the tech industry.

There are many exciting initiatives that we have lined up for 2021, and it looks to be a great year in the tech industry. Despite the global pandemic, there are thousands of job openings in the tech sector that are not being filled, and these are good-paying, stable jobs.

With this webinar, we want to bring together everyone for an engaging discussion to continue the momentum in helping Canada’s military veterans transition into jobs in Canada’s tech sector.

The Coding for Veterans Team