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Coding for Veterans, in partnership with the University of Ottawa, offers a 100% online, instructor-led, self-paced, flexible program which gives veterans an opportunity to join the tech industry and start a career in software development and cyber security.


Graduating with a certificate from Coding for Veterans and a qualification from Cisco or ISC2, students are prepared to enter the tech workforce. Thanks to the support of our corporate partners, placement opportunities allow students to transition from the military to the civilian workforce seamlessly.

Our Supporters


Juan Miguel Daos Correctional Peace Officer II - Army (Ret'd)

"I always thought that IT and computers were out of reach for me unless I went through university. Coding for Veterans has allowed me to gain new skills and knowledge and I have successfully obtained my CCNA, LPI Linux Fundamentals and (ISC)2 Certified in Cybersecurity. Thank you to Coding for Veterans."

Andrew Kennedy Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc - Army (Ret'd)

"I have been able to adapt the lessons learned from my military service and the skills learned through the Coding for Veterans program and apply them as a student. I was then provided the opportunity to come back to Coding for Veterans and utilize those same skillsets as an instructor. Coding for Veterans has put me on a path I truly don't believe I would have been on without it."

Elena Vazquez HR Manager - Army (Ret'd)

"Retiring from the military didn’t mean the end of the road, but the beginning of another chapter. In the process of reinventing myself professionally, I recognized the possible rewards that Coding for Veterans could assist me with in realizing my full potential into another exciting career."

Timothy Greenwood LCol/Air Force (Ret’d)

"Residing in rural Nova Scotia, any of the limited education or training options were logistically difficult to access and most catered to the more recent high school graduate as opposed to a typical organized, goal-oriented, self-starting veteran looking to transition quickly. In all respects the Coding for Veterans software development program proved to be an ideal fit for me and has put me on a solid second career path where otherwise, I truly believe I would still be out there looking."


"As a member of the information, communications and technology sector (ICT), Cisco fully supports Coding for Veterans’ efforts around the need to retrain military veterans. This program provides military veterans with strong digital skill sets. Some of the best employees in our organization are military veterans and their inherent skills are an asset to our organization.”


"IBM is a strong supporter for the Coding for Veterans organization and their retraining programs and reskilling initiatives for military veterans. IBM and our partners are in a hiring phase and eagerly welcome the opportunity to hire grads from the Coding for Veterans program.”

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