Coding for Veterans

US – Canada Cyber Security Supply Chain Challenge

A cybersecurity competition that focuses on supply chain cyber integrity where teams compete for cash and prizes.

About this Event

Description • The US-Canada Cyber Security Supply Chain challenge can best be described as a “Capture the Flag” event and/or “Digital Scavenger Hunt.” This event brings together cyber security talent with the supply chain industry to compete and solve a pre-determined set of supply chain cyber security challenges.

Format • Teams of 4 participants will compete against each other in this competition. These challenges will be of varying difficulty. The more difficult the challenge, the higher the points awarded. As challenges are solved, teams move up the leaderboard accordingly. The team that wins the most points at the end of the competition will be declared the winner. The top winning teams will be awarded cash and prizes.

Why Be a Participant • This capture the flag competition is a simulation of real-world cybersecurity issues related to supply chain. Participants are given real-life hacking problems, including finding bugs in websites, reverse engineering computer applications, and many more similar challenges.

Minimum Technical Qualifications to Participate Participants need to have at least a basic understanding of how computers work. If you are in a computer science program or have some of these basic skill sets, you will be able to participate.

  1. HTML and JavaScript,
  2. Understanding of packets and protocols,
  3. Encryption knowledge
  4. Files and executables (magic bytes, ASCII, encoding, metadata)

If you have any questions, contact: