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The Transition Workshop: From Deployment to Employment (Cdn Armed Forces)

The Transition workshop will provide C.A.F. members and their families with info to help transition from military life to civilian life

About this Event


Transitioning from serving our country as a member of CAF to becoming a civilian is not easy. It is an important step as part of your life journey and not only are you having to look after yourself but also your family.

We have assembled a group of experts who can give you advice on your transition.

Hear from our speakers:

  1. CAF Transition Group
  2. Amazon
  3. Scotiabank
  4. MDA Corp
  5. The University of Ottawa
  6. WIDS (Women in Defence & Security)
  7. Rubicon
  8. The Canadian Legion

For many people this is the 1st time in their life that they will have to purchase a home, set up their financial investments and find a good paying job in a stable career. When you were serving, many of these decisions were made FOR you. Now that you are being released, these decisions have to be made BY you, your spouse or your family.

The goal of the Transition Workshop is to provide you with a real-world perspective and answers to many of these questions. We have invited industry leaders in the area of investments, real estate, law, accounting, career retraining in order for you to hear 1st hand how other CAF members before you have successfully transitioned.

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1200 hrs Introduction – Coding for Veterans

1210 hrs Updates from TG-CAF & VAC

1) Kevin Cameron (Col.) – Dpty Cmdr. CAF Transition Group

2) Tara Jones – Manager – Agilec

1245 hrs Panel Discussion: Insights from CAF Members who Released Before You

1) Marsalie MacKenzie (Fmr. Lt Navy) – Amazon

2) David Mack (Fmr. Officer) – NuvoNetworks

3) Mark Kotzer (Fmr. Sr. Eng. Off.)– Program and Operations Director – MDA Corp

4) Andrew Kennedy (Fmr. CAF Soldier) – IT Support – Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc

1330 hrs One – on – One Discussion: How do I set up my financial nest egg?

Robert Zanfir – Investment Advisor – BMO Nesbitt Burns

1355 hrs One – on – One Discussion: The Need for Preparation, Planning, & a Proper Mindset for Transition

Joel Watson (Fmr. Officer -Special Serv. Force) – Counsel – Spiteri & Ursulak LLP

1415 hrs Panel Discussion: Getting a Career: Not just a job

1) Serge Blais – Director – University of Ottawa

2) Anthony Alliot (Section Comd. (Sgt.)) – Team Lead Talent Acquisition – Scotiabank

3) Christopher Hennebery (Fmr. MWO) – Innovation Services – SAP

4) Scott Taylor (Fmr. Lt. (Navy)) – Director General – Shared Services Canada

1500 hrs Panel Discussion: Once I am out, how do I still stay connected?

1) Bryan Riddell (Fmr. Captain) – CEO Rubicon

2) Julia Scouten (Fmr. Master Seamen)– VP- Govt Relations WIDS (Women in Defence and Security )

3) Steve Clark – Director – Canadian Legion

4) Cliff Trollope (Fmr. Lt. Col.) – National President – Treble Victor

1530 hrs Wrap up

Sponsored by: Coding for Veterans