Coding for Veterans and Atlético Ottawa Saluted Men and Women of the Canadian Armed Forces During Appreciation Night

TORONTO, SEPT. 18, 2023 – Coding for Veterans (C4V) and Atlético Ottawa partnered to host their inaugural Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation Night last Wednesday, September 13th during the game against Pacific FC at TD Place Stadium. The evening was dedicated to honouring the extraordinary men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces who preserve the safety and sovereignty of Canada. A portion of the event proceeds was donated to Support Our Troops, the official charity of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Fans cheering for Atlético Ottawa at Wednesday’s Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation Night

Hundreds of service members of the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force, veterans, and their families attended Wednesday’s game. During pregame warm-ups, Atlético Ottawa donned camouflage jerseys to display their pride and support. The Canadian Military Wives Choir performed the national anthem.

Canadian Armed Forces service members, veterans, and their families supporting CAF Appreciation Night

“We’re extremely proud to honour the brave men and women who serve our country at this year’s Canadian Armed Forces Appreciation Night at TD Place,” said Jeff Musson, Executive Director of Coding for Veterans. “The Canadian Armed Forces play a critical role, at home and abroad, in protecting the freedoms and rights that we cherish as Canadians, and for that we are deeply grateful.”

“This event is not only about celebrating soccer, but also about paying tribute to our real-life heroes,” said Atlético Ottawa CEO Fernando López.

In September, Coding for Veterans welcomed its 500th student. Now in its 5th year, C4V has supported veterans, reservists, military family members, and Afghan interpreters transitioning into the field of coding, software development, or cybersecurity. Together with the University of Ottawa, C4V offers a 6-month, certified curriculum, providing veterans with the opportunity to pursue a career in technology.

“The University of Ottawa is extremely proud of the work it has been doing with Coding for Veterans, to create value and opportunities for our Canadian veterans… Graduates of the C4V program have consistently reported on the immediate impact that the program has had on their careers,” explained Serge Blais, Executive Director of the uOttawa Professional Development Institute. “C4V and uOttawa will continue working closely in offering a top-class learning experience to all participants, leading to professional growth and personal achievement.”

Wednesday’s game drew to a frenzied finale with Atlético continuing its relentless attack. In the 65th minute, Maxim Tissot curled a stellar freekick into the top right corner of Pacific’s net, tying the game 1-1.

To view event recap and photos, visit: https://tiny.cc/z78bvz

About Coding for Veterans: Coding for Veterans (C4V), along with key industry and academic partners, has established a program to teach computer programming skills and advanced coursework in cyber security and data analytics to men and women from Canada’s armed forces. C4V is an intensive program designed to equip veterans from the Canadian military with the skills required to enter and succeed in Canada’s technology-based workforce. C4V’s primary purpose is to provide the men and women of Canada’s military with the necessary skill set to excel in the Innovation Economy.

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