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Press Release: Strategic Education Partnerships – Durham College

Coding for Veterans Announces Strategic Education Partnerships – Accelerates Canadian Veteran Transition To New Careers In The Civilian Knowledge Economy

Ottawa, April 24, 2019  0900 – Veterans and transitioning personnel of the Canadian Armed Forces today have a new option available for fast-tracking into great second careers in the Canadian innovation or knowledge economy.

The industry-led initiative, Coding for Veterans, now provides the men and women of Canada’s military, upon completion of their service, with the skills to succeed in Canada’s technology-based workforce through customized, accelerated, experiential learning programs in coding, programming and computer software skills.

Jeff Musson, CEO of Coding for Veterans emphasises, “The Coding For Veterans Program provides top-level tech training from great Canadian post-secondary schools. It is important to note that the Coding for Veterans Program was developed as an online-first initiative.” Musson added, “This means we can equally assist Veterans anywhere in assessing best-fit options in IT careers; by providing technical training and insights on unique organizational behaviours essential in their new career, and then by supporting industry networking and job search effectiveness – online, wherever they reside.”

Durham College is partnering with Coding for Veterans to provide Canada-wide delivery of online asynchronous programming teaching learners sought-after skills in computer programming and web development. These in-demand tech skills are augmented with soft-skill development – through learning in project management and organizational behaviour, enabling transitioning veterans to build industry-defined skillsets needed to excel in the innovation economy.

“Durham College is a leader in delivering high-quality education to ensure our grads have the skills needed to succeed in the competitive job market,” said Don Lovisa, president, Durham College. “We are so pleased to work with Coding for Veterans to deliver online, flexible learning opportunities that will help Canada’s veterans transition into rewarding careers beyond their time in the military.”

University of Ottawa Professional Development Institute is also collaborating in the Coding for Veterans Program to provide immersive cybersecurity certifications through experiential learning concentrations for veterans with advanced IT skills or programming knowledge.

University of Ottawa Professional Development Institute Executive Director Serge Blais, added his organizations’ support for Veterans entering the innovation economy, “We are delighted to bring the academic expertise and experiential learning emphasis of the PDI to the benefit of our true Canadian heroes as they enter this new phase of their careers. Congratulations to Coding For Veterans and welcome to our Veterans as they embrace this element of their lifelong learning.”

Mr. Musson added, “We are extremely proud of the commitment of our academic partners to adapting these key learning initiatives to align with industry needs, and we welcome candidates to the Coding For Veterans Program. There are great careers waiting for transitioning veterans in Canada.”

  • Nearly 182,000 IT jobs will go unfilled by end of 2020
  • Almost 10,000 men and women transition out of the Canadian Armed Forces and Reserves each year – many with solid technical and soft skills sought by the Tech Industry
  • The Canadian Armed Forces invests heavily in a wide range of skills for its enlisted members

About Coding for Veterans

Coding for Veterans is a not-for-profit, industry-led initiative, designed to equip veterans from the Canadian military with the skills required to enter and succeed in Canada’s technology-based workforce. Coding For Veterans will provide the men and women transitioning from Canada’s military with the necessary skillset required to excel in the Innovation Economy.

Coding for Veterans consists of 3 phases: the 1st phase focuses on assessing potential candidates for the appropriate stream of the Coding for Veterans Program. The 2nd  phase includes core educational components of technical skill and work culture. And, the 3rd phase where each graduate will further develop industry networking capacity with job placement support leading to meaningful employment within Canada’s innovation economy.

About Durham College

At Durham College (DC), the student experience comes first. DC offers approximately 13,600 full-time post-secondary and apprenticeship students access to more than 140 full-time and nine apprenticeship programs, including the new Durham College Coding For Veterans Certificate in Computer Programming.

We enable students to develop the career-ready skills required to meet the demands of today’s job market by connecting them with expert faculty and offering quality programs. With a focus on experiential learning through field-placements, applied research, co-ops and other hands-on opportunities, DC grads have the skills and knowledge employers need.

About University of Ottawa Professional Development Institute

The University of Ottawa’s Professional Development Institute (The Institute) offers higher learning opportunities to private and public-sector professionals.  Over the years, PDI has grown significantly in both course offerings and new specialty knowledge areas. The Institute has greatly diversified its programming, developed strategic partnerships with government and private industry, and established co-designed programs with key private and government sector interests.

The highly sought-after “Institute” designation is rarely granted by the University administration. Upon successful completion, candidates will receive the PDI Coding for Veterans Certificate along with industry certifications in cybersecurity preparedness.


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