Coding for Veterans

Coding for Veterans – TSX Ring the Opening Bell

Introducing Coding For Veterans – A Program For Cyber Security Preparedness To Support Canadian Business Competitiveness

Toronto, ON, Nov. 20, 2018 – Coding for Veterans announces the official launch of the program and is honoured for the opportunity to take part in the TSX Market Open at the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) on Friday November 23rd.

Employers are excited to hire the first grads from this program. Jeff Musson, CEO of Dynamite Network envisioned the Coding for Veterans program one year ago. Since that time, the program has developed a collaboration with post-secondary academic partners to help veterans transition to the civilian economy. The outcomes of this industry-led program meets an urgent need for cyber security and data analytics expertise in the Canadian IT industry.

“Many of our armed forces veterans gain great leadership and technical skills during their service and when we provide customized tech related e-skill or up-skill learning, it becomes a win-win proposition. For cyber security and data analytic companies, those veterans that graduate from the Coding for Veterans program are ideal, reliable and talented workers.” Mr. Musson added, “Veterans bring top level security clearances that let employers fast-track their entry to high-level jobs in the IT sector.”

What makes this program unique from other veteran’s programs is that it focuses on the IT job openings and then works back to the individual veteran in order to guarantee that their skill set aligns with the job openings. This is a simple, but unique approach that has been developed to ensure the program’s success.

Senior industry and government leaders along with veterans and current serving members of the military are showing support to the program. They will be on hand at the TSX market open to answer questions about the need and opportunity that the Coding for Veterans program provides.

Coding for Veterans wants to thank the TSX for the support they have given towards this program. We invite the media to join in the official launch of this tech initiative that provides job opportunities to Canada’s military veterans in Canadian IT companies. The TSX Market Opens are broadcast live on television and live streamed online. The event will also be featured on and shared through Twitter and Facebook.