Coding for Veterans

August 22, 2018 Richmond Hill Golf and Country Club 1:00 PM

Help tee-up this inaugural golf event as the official launch of Coding for Veterans – an opportunity to salute true Canadian heroes as they prepare to enter the civilian workforce by developing new high-demand high-tech skills. Funds raised go toward course preparations, participant materials and job placement assistance.

Sponsors and supporters will gain recognition and distinction for their role in helping establish this timely and essential private sector service in support of the men and women who secure our democratic rights and freedoms, bringing peace to troubled regions of the globe.

Besides gaining a priority track on the skilled tech graduates of the program your organization can use this initiative to differentiate your brand from competitors and build profile with many public-sector decision makers.

Golf or enjoy the Spa or do both! This will be an exceptional day of supporting the troops and enjoying a day away from the office. For those of you who don’t golf, Richmond Hill Country Club is open to us for the day. You can play tennis, swim, or simply to pamper yourself while the rest of the gang is out digging bunkers into the sand traps and bragging about shots that they didn’t really make! Everyone can then reconvene at the end of the day for dinner.

Sponsorship opportunities start at $1500.00. For further information, contact