The Coding for Veterans program would not be possible without the support of the partners listed below.   Those companies who are part of the Charter Members have pledge money and their support in order to make this program a success.  Many of the companies listed are also hiring Canada’s military veterans who have successfully completed this program.  For this support, we recognize each member’s contribution to making Coding for Veterans a success.

As part of the Coding for Veterans program, the advisory board is comprised of men and women who believe in the mission of helping Canada’s military veterans to transition to civilian employment.  Their industry expertise and guidance are a valuable resource in which to help guide this program along.

The Program Ambassadors

Naval Warfare Officer, National Defence

Islay Associates Ltd

Inovex Inc., Elora Consulting Inc.

Roy Hart

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Coding For Veterans

J. Wayne Gudbranson

CEO, Branham Group Inc.

Former C.O. 22 SAS (Special Forces)

Connection Silicon Valley

Cisco Networking Academy

Partner at KPMG – Toronto

Our Supporters

The Generals

The Commanders

The Majors

The Lieutenants